rental Marketplace

P2P NFT Marketplace

Thousands of play-to-earn NFTs available to rent by the hour. Trustless, decentralised renting model. Think OpenSea for rentals.
Beta coming soon

how it works

Lend your NFTs. Discover and rent NFTs from others.

Create an account using a simple email and password. Get a token wallet ready to use out-of-the-box. No confusing jargon, seed phrases or throwing the user to an external wallet creation flow.

for owned or rented nfts

A built-in token wallet. Connect external wallets. Rent and lend NFTs.

Every account has a built-in non-custodial wallet for easy web3 onboarding. Or connect multiple third party wallets via MetaMask/WalletConnect to start renting and lending via Flex Marketplace.

For game developers

Robust blockchain auth. Plug-and-play NFT rental solution for web3 games.

Building reliable blockchain authentication is hard. Building your own rental solution is really hard. Add both to your game in a few lines of code with Connect and Marketplace.