Auth for web3 games

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Flex Connect makes it easier for non-crypto natives to play web3 games. Create an account with a simple email and password then start playing, renting and earning.
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easy setup

Start in seconds with just an email. No web3 knowledge required.

Create an account using a simple email and password. Get a token wallet ready to use out-of-the-box. No confusing jargon, seed phrases or throwing the user to an external wallet creation flow.

for owned or rented nfts

A built-in token wallet. Connect external wallets. Rent and lend NFTs.

Every account has a built-in non-custodial wallet for easy web3 onboarding. Or connect multiple third party wallets via MetaMask/WalletConnect to start renting and lending via Flex Marketplace.

For game developers

Robust blockchain auth. Plug-and-play NFT rental solution for web3 games.

Building reliable blockchain authentication is hard. Building your own rental marketplace is super hard. Get both up and running for your game in a few lines of code with Connect and Marketplace.